Ignoring our health….why do we do it?

For many years, I pushed my body to the maximum; working long hours, eating a pretty unhealthy diet, smoking my way through two packets of cigarettes per day, as well as burning the candle at both ends by having as hectic a social life as I possibly could!

Despite recurrent chest infections, pneumonia and bouts of bronchitis, I never made the connection (!) that my unhealthy lifestyle was contributing to my ill health. Insane as it now seems, I just always assumed that my body would keep going forever and that my bouts of ill health were simply poor luck, as opposed to a body in serious decline, due to neglect and abuse.

It’s embarrassing for me to think about it now, especially as I realise more and more, the importance of looking after myself well. It seems that I was under the delusion that plagues our world….that we can keep getting away with failing to take care of our bodies, our minds and our health in general.

You think I’m exaggerating? Take this quick test (answer a simple Yes or No) and see how you perform:

  • You know that white bread doesn’t really agree with you and yet you continue to eat it
  • You feel so much better when you get to bed early one or two nights per week but somehow find yourself on social media sites until the early hours most nights
  • You keep telling yourself that you’ll drink more water…but don’t
  • You decided to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables a while back but you end up chucking out most of your fruit bowl every week
  • You bought supplements a few months ago to kick start a healthy habit but they’re still sitting in the cupboard
  • You deliberately don’t count up the units of alcohol you drink every week because then you’d have to face the fact that you’re WAY over the recommended allowance

So how did you do? Did you answer ‘Yes’ to many of the above? Well, you’re not alone – we all tend to do it….to make excuses, to put things off, to assume that our health will stay at it’s best forever. But we need to realise that our life is too important to treat poorly; that we deserve to look after ourselves well.

Stick around to find out how it’s possible to treat yourself a little better, to be mindful of the needs of your body (and perhaps more importantly, your mind) and how you can give yourself a break every now and then and maybe even consider living a life that makes your heart sing!

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