About Natural Health Solutions

Hello there and welcome to my Natural Health Solutions blog, where hopefully you will find encouragement and gentle prompting to look after your body in a meaningful way.

My name is Ashleigh Tobin and I operate a number of natural health clinics in South County Dublin, Wicklow town and Arklow. My clients are encouraged and supported in looking after their physical and emotional health in a way that makes it possible to bring relief of symptoms, to have increased energy and to feel amazing, using effective yet gentle natural remedies.

With over twenty years’ experience across conventional medicine, pharmaceuticals and complementary health, I understand the value of different approaches in treating illness. I am a Registered General Nurse (R.G.N.) as well as a professionally qualified and registered homoeopath. In addition, my past experience in senior management with one of Ireland’s largest pharmaceutical companies helps me understand the role of medicine in treating illness.

With the natural health clinics operating for over twelve years, I have been continually updating my skills, obtaining several post graduate qualifications and continuing to study in the areas of mental health, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, nutrition, supplementation, stress management, counselling, NLP and personal development.

 As both a homeopath, Heartmath coach and one of Ireland’s few qualified Mythoself facilitators, I offer a range of solutions to those people whose lives are stressed, busy and out of balance with how they want to be living their life. I also run a number of Health and Wellbeing workshops every year and enjoy the role of speaker and educator at gatherings, wellbeing seminars and corporate events.

 I look forward to having you join me here should you choose to begin your journey to better health.

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