The Sap is Rising

Can you see it? The longer shaft of light in the evening…


Can you feel it? The sunshine that means an opened coat or a hat stuffed back in your pocket..

Can you hear it? The new birdsong that was silent last week…

Can you taste it? The changing flavours of the food on your plate…

Can you smell it? New growth, fresh buds, a bright yellow daffodil…


Do you notice it? Nudging you out of the dark place called winter…

I smiled the other day when I saw birds gathering twigs – the nest building had begun for the pair I was watching and I heaved a gentle sigh. I’m glad that Spring is here…


I get that we need winter. I understand the need for the quiet dormancy of it all. I realise that each season has it’s purpose and that one is no better than the other. My logic and reason can accept the cycle that occurs and the purpose behind the quietness of winter…and I’m still glad Spring is here. The tug of war between logic and creativity falls hopelessly, utterly and completely on the side of growth and stirring over sleep and stillness.

For some among us, Winter can be hard; especially in the dark recesses of our mind. Where a lack of light, warmth and growth can make for a very dingy, dark and lonely place to live. So many of us struggle at this time of year, regardless of what it looks like on the outside. Without much light, there is only dark and shadows; bringing with it fear, sadness and loneliness regardless of the crowd that surrounds us.

If we’ve been here before, we might remember that it will truly pass; but very often the darkness makes us forget and hopelessness taunts us that it will never end. Routine keeps things going…the same routine seems to drag us back. It can feel that no progress is possible.


Friends help, more than they can ever know.

And they can do nothing… except remind you of the things you’ve forgotten right now. You might even believe them or at least you want to…

And then one day, you notice it. A vague stirring and then it’s gone. Maybe you just imagined it… and then it’s there again; for real this time. A lift, a lightness, a sense of hope and maybe even possibility. It doesn’t stay but that’s all right. It’s woken up and so it will return. Stronger and more palpable next time until it begins to pulse within you, to a different rhythm than the darkness; to a stronger beat that moves and flows and feels alive.

Life can still have darkness and the long, sun filled days of summer are still very far away….

But Spring (and therefore Hope) has returned – so all is well.

20160531_065503 (2)

2 thoughts on “The Sap is Rising

  1. I can hear it and feel it all. Thank God or Mother Nature or the fairies for the colour that is coming into view and the warmth on my skin! 😊


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